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Imagine your player profile like your online golf CV. Coaches will look over it when considering your application. They’ll be interested in your grades, competitive record and hopefully they’ll get a chance to see your personality from your answers to the interview questions.

We appreciate it will take you some time but the more effort you put in here the better your chance of convincing coaches! Below we will cover some of the things we will ask so you can prepare.

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What will I be asked?

We’ll need you to provide:

  • Personal information
  • Your educational background and
  • The answers to some questions (you can see the questions below to prepare)
  • Competition history

One of the most important aspects in your application is your experience competing. To show us this, we ask that you download and fill in the .csv file below. You will then be asked to upload this when you submit your profile.

Download Tournament Results TableWhat are the questions?

Let your personality shine through.

As part of your application, we would like you to answer some questions. College scouts receive a very high number of applications so this is your chance to make them remember you and to differentiate yourself from other candidates. There are seven questions in total which follow below and we ask that your response to each be less than 300 words.


Why do you want to go to US college?


What makes you unique?


What is your proudest achievement?


What is the strongest and weakest part of your game?


How would you describe yourself?


What attributes do you have that would make you a good team player?


What do you intend to study and why?

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