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If you want to get a golf scholarship and attend a US college that meets all your needs & desires we are here to help. Allow us to help make your dream a reality. At US Bound you will enjoy a personal service based on your own individual requirements. You will never be just a number to us!

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Our driving ambition is to ensure each and every one of our student athletes has the opportunity to sign for a college of their own choosing. US Bound will ensure you are not lost amongst a crowd of candidates and that you don’t feel pressured and rushed. You will be represented by a master of his industry who is passionate and fair in his approach to you as a student athlete and to the coaches and colleges that invest time in considering you. Don’t take our word for it though, click below to see what others have said about us.


What is included in the service?


Assess & analyse

There's much to discuss and the beginning revolves around us getting a deeper understanding of you the student athlete. Alongside finding out more about your sporting and academic credentials, we will begin to discuss you as a person i.e. are you a country or city person, would you prefer a small or large student roll, what coach/roster do you feel you would most benefit from, do you have a desire to be located in a specific state...

Registration & Regulations

College Sport is regulated by bodies such as the NCAA and NAIA. We will help you register with such bodies and complete the rigorous set of tasks they set. All student athletes need to sit an SAT/ACT test, which is run by the College Board. Again, do not panic as we will be there by your side to advise throughout this process.

College Database

With 1000’s of colleges, creating a bespoke database of colleges to make contact with is a difficult task. We will not profess to know the ins and outs of every college but we have every confidence in the approach we take to ensure you end up at a college that meets all your needs & desires.

Player Profile & Promotion

Your player profile is the focal point of our marketing campaign and will ultimately act as your CV/portfolio. Here we clearly and concisely provide US college coaches with the defining information that they wish to see. We will be on hand to facilitate meetings with college coaches and to keep an up to date record of all communication and correspondence.

Reflect & Decide

As a long list of colleges filters down to a select few, naturally you will be faced with an increasingly difficult decision. Together we will reflect on the pros and cons of each, what aspects are most important to you and your family and we will help you make the tough call as to which to go for. We can assist you when informing college coaches that you have decided against accepting their kind offers and look forward to celebrating with you when you decide to accept an offer.

NLI, Visa, College Application

We'll be here through all stages of your application to offer assistance with all the application forms and official documentation as and when needed.

What is the price?

We offer numerous packages tailored to your needs. Please do get in touch so that we can explain the different options available.

Are there any additional costs?

There are some other things to be aware of which are as follows:

NCAA/NAIA Registration
£100 - £120
£80 - £120
F1 Student Visa
Transcript Evaluation
£120 - £140