Alan Murdoch

Alan Murdoch, US Bound consultant

A Wealth of Experience

We are delighted to announce one of Scotland’s most-recognised and respected PGA coaches, Alan Murdoch, has joined the USB team as a golf consultant. Alan comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge about all things golf! 

He spent 5 years in America, earning himself a golf scholarship to the University of Louisiana, Monroe (ULM). At that time Alan was the Scottish Schoolboy Champion and Junior internationalist for Scotland. While playing in America Alan earned one Collegiate tournament win; all state 2nd team honours as a Junior and, in his last year, made the All State 1st team as a Senior. Alan graduated with a BS in Geosciences. 

After his sterling US Collegiate career, Alan turned professional then went to work in Scotland and Germany working his way towards his PGA qualification. Alan is now a Fellow of the PGA. After he successfully completed his PGA apprenticeship he went to Asia to qualify for the Asian Tour. He did so (scoring -6, 66 in the last round of qualifying school to win his tour card). Alan played on the Asian Tour and then qualified to play on the European Challenge Tour.

Pictures of Archie Finnie (Left | Middle) , Archie Davies & Ben Carberry (Right)

A Leading Coach

Alan, then became Director of Golf at one of Edinburgh’s premier golf resorts for 19 years. Currently, he is known as one of Scotland’s most recognised and successful golf coaches to date. He has worked with many of the world’s elite golf coaches, none more so than Claude Harmon III, who learnt under Alan, while he lived in Scotland. Claude has said “ Alan is one of the best golf coaches I have worked under, he has so much knowledge ”, a fantastic accolade from Claude who himself,  now works with many of the world’s best players. Today, and now in his 12th year, Alan runs one of the best and most recognised School Golf Academies in the United Kingdom.

Claude Harmon III, who learnt under Alan whilst living in Scotland.

Alan says “I work daily with youngsters on all facets of golf and love to pass on as much knowledge and expertise as I can; I want to help our golfing youngsters to achieve and to help them progress in their golf journey. Having spent 5 years in America on a golf scholarship and earning a degree, I want to help and advise youngsters and their families, on the US Collegiate route. It’s not an easy route but it can be achieved with valuable help. This is what I can do. I have a huge network of college coaches who I personally know. This is a huge advantage to recruits, looking to start their process to life as a US Collegiate Golfer”. 

A series of images of Cameron Adam, assisted on his US college journey by Alan Murdoch

Alan has assisted and advised countless juniors looking to go to the US to study and play Collegiate Golf. Alan is honoured to be able to share what some of these juniors & families have to say regarding himself.

We came to the US college application process late, and our knowledge of such was minimal. Alan was known to us from his attendance at various tournaments and we had heard from others that he was well connected when it came to a number of US colleges. So it proved.

He was a great person to speak to when it came to the intricacies of the process, as well as offering suggestions as to what criteria he would consider important when entering such a “minefield”. We therefore began the search considerably better informed, something which undoubtedly aided the ‘filtering” of the myriad approaches and contacts that Archie was fortunate enough to receive.

Archie finally settled on a deferred scholarship with Northwestern University (starting in 2023), an institution that was really top of his list, and one that he was happy to wait another year to be able to join.

There is no doubt in my mind that Alan has considerable value to add to any aspiring golfer looking to enter a US college programme. He has a broad network of contacts, a significant amount of experience, and a refreshing amount of honesty!

Mark FinnieFather of Archie Finnie

The process of choosing a university to play golf and to study at in the USA is both daunting and complex and matching the student to the most appropriate university and coach is a hugely important decision for everyone involved. Until Alan started to help us with the whole process, we were floundering but his genuine interest, knowledge of the system and coaches unlocked the process enabling Archie to make the very best choice.

Alan was able to open doors, develop relationships and give sound honest advice to Archie about what would be required, set up conversations with coaches and visits which ultimately led him to gain a scholarship which has been truly life changing.

Without Alan’s support and mentoring throughout the process then Archie’s hugely successful outcome at East Tennessee State University may not have been possible and the probability of an unsuccessful placement, which happens very frequently, would have been much more likely. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alan’s involvement for anyone seeking to play golf in the US university golfing system where inside knowledge from a trusted person is invaluable.

Tim DaviesFather of Archie Davies